Why Use STAFFING RESOURCES as Your Staffing Service?


We have found that many clients hire a skilled RESUME WRITER and many agencies try to fit a square person into a round job. Our experience has shown that you must depend on a Professional firm like STAFFING RESOURCES to help you bring together the perfect match for the investment you make for your company allowing you to make the most out of your resources.

Choose a professional Staffing Service whose inside staff has years of experience in actual placements and interviews. Choose a service that is familiar with the local economy and operational terminology and one that is strictly working in your best interest to find the perfect addition to your staff.

STAFFING RESOURCES has been in business since 1980. Our inside staff 80 years combined experience in placing qualified applicants in the Permian Basin .

Using STAFFING RESOURCES gives you the flexible approach to Staffing whether you need a person for one day or to fill a professional or clerical position.

“STAFFING RESOURCES is The Service with a Heart heartfor Excellence.”


With the PROVE IT! Program we now have the power to identify and select the most talented candidates and employees. We have state of the art TRAINING and TESTING for our clients and applicants.

testing and much more!

Call us at (432) 684-0527 to find out how this program can help YOU choose the best candidate for your company!